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These are subsidiaries that will fuel the greatest version of you into manifestation.

So connect, join, participate and grow.

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Wisdom International Ministerial Alliance

A global network of distinguished ministers of the gospel.

Divine Visitation Assemblies

A growing network of prophetic assemblies that take people from bondage to greatness and their place in the 12 Spheres of Leadership.

College of Visionaries

A network of colleges that equip people to take their visions, uncommon ideas and solution from concept to reality.

Take It By Force Prayer Movement

An organization that hosts prayer gatherings and network prayer leaders to pray for nations and the raising of the 12 types of leaders who shape the destiny for the Kingdom of God.

Daniel & Esther Network

A global network of market place leaders, government and social place leaders that shape the destiny of nations.

Mining The Gold Movement

An organization that mines the leadership gold in millennials globally.

Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition

A network of Caribbean and Israeli spiritual, political, social and entrepreneurial leaders that brings Israeli technology and financial solutions to governments and the private sector.

Greatness Channel

A global television network that broadcasts the message and grace of the 12 Spheres of Leadership Movement.

Greatness Publishing

An organization that publishes and distributes the message and grace of the 12 Spheres of Leadership Movement globally.

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