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Daniel & Esther Network

“Leadership is utilizing influence to work with and through people to create what exists as a concept into reality.”

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Daniel and Esther Network is a global network of marketplace leaders who shape and influence the destiny of nations with the values, philosophy and agenda of the Kingdom of God, a move of God that has begun to sweep the earth. At Daniel and Esther Network we activate, affirm, mentor, resource, equip and network this generation of Cyruses, Mordecais, Daniels, Esthers and Joseph, in the nations of the world.


We are the leading global networking organization for Kingdom focused business owners, governmental and marketplace influencers. We offer a network of highly influential and driven individuals including executive leaders, CEOs, award winning influencers, business moguls and kingdom focused philanthropists. Our members expand the globe over __ regions and __ countries.


We are committed to seeing you Connect . Grow. Thrive in an environment that celebrates your calling and kingdom mandate. We offer a supportive network of leaders that don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk as individuals with experience in operating and growing global organizations.

For the Business & Marketplace Influencer we help you understand your kingdom business mandate and offer you the tools, support and community you need to expand your territory to reach a global marketplace.

For the Governmental Influencer we offer a network of likemind professionals with the opportunity to connect and expand your influence, outreach and mission.

For the Kingdom Influencer we offer a community of supporters, friends, and community leaders for your optimal growth and expansion.

We understand the integrity, mindset and moral convictions that separate Kingdom marketplace influencers creating a different outlook in how business is conducted. This is why we created a safe environment for our leaders to connect with each other. We understand the lack of support that leaders experience when climbing the ladder to success. We also understand that it takes more than good networking and business skills. To become a leading marketplace leader it takes strategy, ability to grow, partnerships and key relationships.

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Our Mission is to influence the trajectory of Nations with the values, philosophy and agenda of the Kingdom of God.

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We are ideal for:

Business Leaders

Global Influencers

Marketplace Leaders

Government Officials

Political Leaders

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Business Conference
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To establishing a strategy for the enlargement of kingdom marketplace leaders and 

business owners.


To equipping and establishing a trusted network of marketplace and business leaders.


To creating a kingdom establishment that ushers in the governmental authority of 

the church.


To educating leaders with key prophetic forecasts and industry outlooks.


To equipping leaders with the wisdom tools to sustain growth in a global economy

Connecting leaders with a supportive network of fellow believers.


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Impact & Influence

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The D.E.N. network is an organization that cultivates Kingdom marketplace business professionals, government and political leaders. We offer cutting edge training, support and networking in an environment that creates an atmosphere for greatness.


Our focus is to train, impact and fuel leaders to stand out in a marketplace while challenging the status quo. Unlike other networking organizations we are driven by integrity. We offer support through monthly impartations of divine wisdom through:


Wisdom Impartation

Monthly Meetings

Training Webinars

Global Growth Strategy Group Sessions

Business Spotlight Opportunities

And more


Join us today and connect with Kingdom Leaders that want to see you WIN!


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