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Take It By Force Prayer Movement

Take It By Force Prayer Movement is a subsidiary of Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network.


To see nations reshaped for the kingdom of God by the force of prayer through a global network of prayer leaders and prayer gatherings.



​To host Prayer Gatherings and Network Prayer Leaders to pray for nations and the raising of the 12 Types of Leaders who shape the destiny of nations for the Kingdom of God.

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas

Nina Thomas is UN Peace Ambassador, a spiritual and media leader with a notable prophetic spiritual warfare grace, and coaching and media anointing. Her purpose is to lead people in the excellent ways of God to receive their Kingdom blessings.


She is married to and serves alongside her husband H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas, who is the founder of Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network. She is the Vice President of Fresh Anointing & Wisdom Network which is a Global Organization with a mission to take people and nations from bondage to greatness. The organization subsidiaries include Divine Visitation Assemblies which is an international network of local churches.


She also sits on the executive board of the Greatness Channel, a 24-7 empowerment global television station, the Wisdom International Ministerial Alliance, a global network of leading ministers of the gospel, the Daniel and Esther Network, a global network of leading marketplace, business, and governmental leaders, the College of Visionaries, an international network of bible colleges, Greatness Publishing, an international publishing company, Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition, a network of Caribbean and Israeli Governmental and Business Leaders, advancing Israel strategic interest and building sustainable, economic development in the Caribbean and The Ideas and Solutions Group, an organization that provides financing, strategy consulting and executive coaching to take governmental and business ideas and solutions from concept to reality.


Nina Thomas is a published author, and her books include Woman Get Off That Bus, What To Pray When You are Low In Finances and soon to be released Activated Woman Prayer Devotional.



Global Prayerquake is a 4-hour live prayer meeting on Greatness Channel involving leading ministers of the gospel from all the continents of the world praying for God’s agenda to be done in the nations.

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