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Wisdom International Ministerial Alliance

Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

Colossians 1:28 - New King James Version



I welcome you to our online community of ministers of distinction who are dedicated to seeing the vision of Jesus for His Church realized in our generation. At WIMA we are currently developing resources and technology that will be made available to every minister globally in multiple languages to equip them to discover their unique value, refine their value, divinely position their value, and impact the world of their calling with heavenly and earthly distinction.

We are a community that is made up of existing church networks, local churches and ministries. Your participation in our community would most certainly lift you up to higher dimensions of life and ministry and fuel the greatness of your calling to emerge.

We accomplish our mission of empowering ministers of the Gospel by hosting conferences, having leadership fuel events, providing resources and using technology and innovation to achieve our objectives. I invite you to join our community and I guarantee that if you apply yourself to the programs and resources that we produce, that your greatness will not be hid.

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas


Our mission is to raise up distinguished ministers globally who would provide leadership for the glorious church that is ready to meet the Lord at His appearing.



To see a wisdom and culture of distinction emerge among ministers of the gospel globally.



1. We believe before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, His church will be wise, glorious and lead the nations.
2. We, the church, is the agency of the kingdom government of God on the earth.
3. We create an atmosphere of love for people in bondage to find freedom at the pace of their hunger.
4. We serve God-given solutions to our world of influence.
5. We preach for the release of God-given potential.
6. We teach to lift people to the best version of themselves.
7. We counsel to introduce people to God’s solutions for them.
8. We lead to minister divine solutions to humanity.
9. We pray for the will of God to be done on earth and in, for and through us.
10. We praise and worship for God to inhabit our praise (adoration).
11. We celebrate each other when we shine, as one star shining does not stop the other from shining.
12. We walk in unity, so that the prayer of the Lord, for the oneness of the Church, will be fulfilled.

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